Is our educational system too old fashion?

Should our educational system be changed in order to keep pace with our rapidly changing society? When I was at school, eight years ago, doing my GCSEs, apart from maths, science and english, most of the subjects we were studying have no relevance into todays world and have all been forgotten by my feeble mind. What was the point of that education? What was the point of being forced to study religious education? School children should learn more life skills - e.g. home financial economics, basic car repair, computer skills, on top of maths and english.

Asked By: MrSandman - 8/2/2006
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While I am not entirely sure what you mean by being "old fashioned," it is apparent that our modern public school systems, by and large, don't seem to be doing their job. The solution, unfortunately, cannot be a quick switch to a new way of doing things unless a support system is in place. For example, in our local... More
Answered By: Bentley - 8/3/2006
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Some of what you suggest would be rapidly out of date. If anything, I think the education system is 'too modern'. It needs to focus more heavily on reading, writing, speaking, mathematics and problem solving. Some awareness of say the last 100 years history and global geography, and basic economics would be... More
Answered By: kheserthorpe - 8/2/2006
If anything, I do not believe that our schools are old-fashioned. If that was the case, you could still paddle a child for doing something wrong instead of wondering if you would get turned in if you disciplined a child. They have taken a lot of morals out of today's school system. I believe that the government... More
Answered By: tracey986 - 8/2/2006
It is not old fashioned enough. Today's kids don't learn crap. Most high school graduates of public school couldn't tell you 10 things that are in the U.S. Constitution. Most could not construct a sentence using correct gramatical syntax. Most could not identify all 50 of the states on a map. Most could not name 5... More
Answered By: as400_guru - 8/2/2006
There are several different aspects of education that need substantial reform... More
Answered By: Mutantmoose - 8/2/2006
Since it's one of the worst in the world? Yes. I always thought that auto shop should be a required course for girls so they wouldn't get ripped off by crooked mechanics.
Answered By: Ranjer - 8/2/2006
Two issues... More
Answered By: snowflake1234 - 8/2/2006
our ED system is very outdated, and if we do not give it a serious rehab, our society will cease to exist when other countries will out smart us
Answered By: Annie R - 8/2/2006
WAY !!! Not only is the education program out of wack, they need to improve the incomes of the teachers!
Answered By: LoveMyLife - 8/2/2006
I have the perfect school system.....teachers can teach.....teachers and principals can discipline......even the school bus driver can lay down the law when needed... More
Answered By: keeperlast - 8/2/2006
Everything we learn is relevant, no matter what. It all depends on how and where do you make use of it. It is true that no all we learn will be of use in a specific career or job, but life is more than having a job or a profession.
Answered By: Jossean S - 8/2/2006
What is there in elementary school that isn't important? Social Studies? It's very important to learn how the world works. Science? Come on, how will we ever have doctors if kids aren't exposed to science? Gym? Kids are fat enough without taking away their one hour a day of exercise. There is only so much time in a day... More
Answered By: TurnerTelevision - 8/2/2006
When I lived in California the public schools were abbysmal. You either were college prep or you graduated from high school with no technical training whatsoever. Moving to Texas was the best thing we did for our family. The public high schools offer incredible technical schools to prepare one for a good job right... More
Answered By: Corinthian - 8/2/2006
I hate the eduactional system, if I had a half penny for all the lies I've been told in public school then I'd be a multibillionair! I agree, we need to change it, it is to old fashion, and we're not getting as good of an education as we could.
Answered By: suppy_sup - 8/2/2006
education should be wholistic. it should address all types of intelligences as well as teach good morals and right conduct. the aim of education is to improve the whole self. limiting the number of subjects to study will not achieve that. if you do not want to attend religious classes, enroll in a non-sectarian... More
Answered By: nononsense - 8/2/2006
I agree with the first guy who answered. What is wrong with the "old fashioned" way of learning? Your parents, and their generation speak better English than any kid in America these days. They understood the way you put sentences together and how to add numerals. Now they're so obsessed with teaching this all... More
Answered By: fetishboy191 - 8/2/2006
Yes because our educational system is not as fully advanced as the Japanese and European systems.
Answered By: brian_h_1998 - 8/2/2006
our "school system" is terrible, home schooling is much more efficent than the current system we have many teachers are only in it for the money(unions) and don't care the whole system is a disgrace.
Answered By: hoopsters44 - 8/2/2006
Quite the opposite. "Old Fashioned" schooling was extremely useful. They taught HOW TO LEARN. The three 'R's' is really a corruption of the FOUR "R's". Research, Relate, Review, and Record. That was the 'learning' that the Founding Fathers had, and modern educators marvel at their brilliance.
Answered By: suspendor - 8/2/2006 dad is old school...he wants us to clean the house with old clothes and towels...
Answered By: southkorean - 8/2/2006
Actually, maybe our educational system should be MORE old-fashioned. When I was in school, much longer ago than you, girls had home economics (sewing, cooking) and boys had shop (learning carpentry, simple machinery), which actually taught us some life skills, albeit with a sexist twist. I don't think academic subjects... More
Answered By: just wondering - 8/2/2006
Yes, it's too old fashioned. It needs to be completely abolished, and replaced with homeschooling.
Answered By: Red - 8/2/2006
I agree with some of your points about needing to know how to balance a checkbook, cook simple meals, car maintenance, etc. But they still need advanced math, English, 2nd language, science and SOME-history more recent history. By 3rd grade chris columbus & civil war, DONE.
Answered By: grrl - 8/2/2006
yah its true that some portion is out of date but there is a lot infusion of modern techniques. so one cannot term hte education system as outdated
Answered By: Mrinal B - 8/2/2006
I don't think it's old fashioned enough... More
Answered By: liquidic311 - 8/2/2006
Well, I think that we learn too much unnessesarry stuff. 10 years from now I'm not gonna wake up and say, "Well I think I'll recite the different algebraic rules!" As a matter of fact, 10 years from now I won't remember half of the things I'm learning (use it or lose it) so we should be learning things that we will use... More
Answered By: Janette - 8/2/2006
falsely it is old fashioned it has failed to understand the psychy of the child this modern generation just wants to learn everything automatically they do not want to use their mind for problems thats why no great scientists are coming. use of natural brain has been stopped. the child no longer uses his natural brain... More
Answered By: kushagra_pndy - 8/3/2006
No, just bad.
Answered By: gentsocar - 8/3/2006
i was in school about 10yrs ago. if i know then what i know now i think life would a bit easier. for instence i agree they need to make different classes that you have to take. i would say learn the basics of a car, home economics (when i was in school that wasnt forced) and most important your credit... More
Answered By: emc251978 - 8/3/2006
Education is not focusing on the right topics to help people succeed in the modern world. They're teaching people how to get a job. They should teach people more about investing money! JOB stands for just over broke. Rich people work a lot less and make more by making money work for them. Schools should teach us how to... More
Answered By: ivan8r - 8/3/2006
The Educational System is so old fashioned, there should just be one exam and then University, none of this GCSEs one year, Aslevels the next and Alevels the year after and then university... It is just pain crazy!
Answered By: Hidden~Rebel - 8/3/2006
Yes, the trouble with most education systems, especially the ones in the third word are that they concentrate on developing deductive logic. In fact from the day you go to school (or in some cases even before you start) they make you try to deduce things out. Nobody allows you to cultivate or even retain your ability... More
Answered By: ancalagon2003 - 8/3/2006
mhm i think ssoo
Answered By: bball_cutie0607 - 8/3/2006
I think you have a point but we should also brush up on lessons of virtue and old fashioned values.
Answered By: Marion C - 8/3/2006
in my opinion there is no true fashion for education. as mahatma Gandhi said "life live as if it will end tomorrow and learn as if u will live forever." this means u must learn all u can in order to live life the "correct" way... More
Answered By: 3umar - 8/3/2006
I agree. Yes there should be basics, but I don't understand the need for some classes. I do think history is vitally important and the ones you mention, like home finance, credit, economics, politics, world issues and sex education are lacking alot.
Answered By: dreamcatcher8993 - 8/3/2006
I'm totally agree with u!
Answered By: vega_nightsky - 8/3/2006
i think so. i think we should learn life skills. most ppl live average lives once they leave college, and no one really need to know what photosyntesis is to go to the supermarket.
Answered By: elementamigo4 - 8/3/2006
I would say, examine the best and highest performing school systems in the US and use whatever systems those schools use... More
Answered By: tanner_1122 - 8/3/2006
Its not too old fashioned--If a student wants to learn he/she will.
Answered By: nowerk13 - 8/3/2006
I don't think they are old fashion. If that were the case then children would be able to read and do basic math skills. If anything the system has tried so called innovative systems and they and they have failed. I have experienced this first hand... More
Answered By: roeskats - 8/3/2006
No, in fact I have many Home Economics and Technology Classes( Even Though I'm terrible in both areas)
Answered By: Starbucks Fanatic - 8/3/2006
The first failure with regards to the education system is the premise that it is the government's job to educate our children. Our government-run schools are a failure. In the inner cities, less than half graduate. Kids do not leave with skills to hold a job, let alone show up for one. A lot of kids cannot even... More
Answered By: Chainsaw - 8/3/2006
Life skills can be learnt later on with personal interest increased respectively while English, maths & Science should be the step stone for a person's development. Religious awareness is also important if you want to understand other people with different religions
Answered By: lameduck - 8/3/2006
thats what they are doing. Kids are now issued computers in mid-school
Answered By: spicy girl 1 - 8/3/2006
Schools today have undergone a vast and mighty change in the way they 'do business'. This has been done as a reflection of the business community advising schools that the people they are having to hire either are not prepared, or seem to have little or no direction, or are difficult to qualify. The worse part of this... More
Answered By: THE SINGER... - 8/3/2006
No... It is very up to date. Obviously you did not pay very much attention during school to take away any knowledge from it... More
Answered By: hullo? - 8/3/2006
Our education system is constantly changing. Maybe too fast and too hard for the kids to keep up with. I don't know how the kids do it now day.
Answered By: Chuck - 8/3/2006
Our educational system is fine.. Teachers unions and liberal attitudes on discipline are the causes of the decline of the education of young Americans. There are counties who spend far less per student and get far better results..
Answered By: Common Sense - 8/3/2006
Well it's been updated if we were born way early we would probably be using stone and some other things to write on it. I'm glad that inventors make new ideas so we won't be old fashioned forever.
Answered By: Stewie Griffin - 8/3/2006
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