How can I help my 15 year old son to stop thinking about being a computer programer instead of being a docter?

i keep on telling him to be a docter and stop thinking about being a computer prgrammer. He tells me no and says he wants to be a computer programmer because that what he enjoys the most. And i must admit the games he has created on his visual basic program are amazing. But thats not the point . How can i make him stop thinking about this idea? and also i want him to go to university, but he says no and says he has a plan to go to college. Im not trying to get in his way i just want him to be succesful in life.

Asked By: Mike W - 4/29/2007
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How about stop messing with him? Computer programmer is a great profession.What would you do if Someone went up to you and started talking to you about being a musician instead of what your job is?
Answered By: Elena - 4/29/2007
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I would let him be the programmer. as fast as technology is advancing, someday, maybe soon, it will be a computer that does the surgery, so he can be both.
Answered By: Kev M - 4/29/2007
Robotics will replace 97% of surgeons in 4 years. Read this and let your son choose: .
Answered By: Sincere1 - 4/29/2007
Surely he has to do what he wants to do (within reason) because his passion for computers will make him successful regardless of anything else. You admit yourself that his work is amazing... More
Answered By: happy - 4/29/2007
U should let him be an computer programmer which he likes to be and enjoys it then a doctor in which he is not interested at all . to support this even u admit the games he has created on his visual basic program are amazing. being a parent everyone want their ward to be successful in life but one cannot be successful... More
Answered By: D-factor works - 4/29/2007
Stop right now. It's his life, and if that's what he enjoys doing, let him do it. Pressuring him into something he does not care about is not doing anyone any good at all.
Answered By: ncjay08 - 4/29/2007
You are in his way. You should back off he is 15 yrs old and at least he wants to do something with his own life. You get a life now and stop making decision for him. He will be a better man and a computer programmer too. It is his choice try to be supportive he could be doing a whole lot of other things wrong. God... More
Answered By: dmvariety - 4/29/2007
You want him to be succesful in life... in the way you define 'succesful... More
Answered By: mgerben - 4/29/2007
The fact that he is 15 and knows what he wants to do is great. You can't live his life. He will through it up in your face. Why don't you become a doctor?
Answered By: Cathy F - 4/29/2007
Well, I am trying to figure out why you think he would not be successful as a Computer Programmer. My husband is a software engineer and is VERY successful. We live a very comfortable life. I think you are being FAR too pushy and need to step back and allow him to make his own decisions. As a mother all I want for my... More
Answered By: bauersfamily - 4/29/2007
Who's life do you expect him to live? His life or your life? Would you rather him be a miserable doctor or a happy programmer? He will be successful at anything that makes him happy.
Answered By: Penny A - 4/29/2007
Sounds VERY much to me like you are trying to get in his way. I am a parent. I have been parented. I have observed other parents. The LEAST effective parent is the one who is forceful with what they want their children to be, instead of encouraging them to pursue the career that they have a passion for. I mean, you are... More
Answered By: CuteSexyThickMama - 4/29/2007
If your son enjoys computer programming, that's what he should do! You don't want him to be miserable, do you? Maybe he will be a successful computer programmer. Did your parents push you into becoming something you didn't want to be? Besides, if he's 15, he might change his mind before going to college. And, medical... More
Answered By: Elliot L - 4/29/2007
HONEY ... in that field he can make more money then a doctor.... you should feel blessed that your child even knows what he wants to do.. let him be him... he will be a lot happier... More
Answered By: panda - 4/29/2007
Just be grateful your son wants to do something with his life and allow him to choose the job that makes him happy. What a parent wants for their children is all done with the best of intentions but we have to let go and let God do what he wants in each of our kids. Maybe it's your sons calling in life to be a... More
Answered By: kingskid1961 - 4/29/2007
Wouldn't you rather he be happy? If he wants to be a computer programmer then let him. You can't live through your children, you need to let him be his own person. Doctors work long hours and many rarely see their families. Computer programmers make good money and can get jobs that are 40 hours a week... More
Answered By: roxiecat4200 - 4/29/2007
Don't try to stop him is my advice. I think that he should stick with what he loves. They have universities, and technical instituets, for computer programmers, and game desginers. Don't try to stop him or force him into anything that he doesn't want to do, or he WILL rebel, and he might resent you. If his games are... More
Answered By: Lauren P - 4/29/2007
let your son be what he wants to be both of you need to watch jump in on disney channel and high school musical and teaches peple to let people be who they wanna be not their parents dream
Answered By: official aj montana - 4/29/2007
well its his life he can do what he want. and you can be succesful with that job! my brother in law works with computers and hes doing great!
Answered By: MATT N - 4/29/2007
It is up to him to decide what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Did your parents tell you what to do? Your telling him to become a doctor, that's not what he wants. It's your son's decision not yours. Besides he's only 15, when he goes to college he will probably end up changing his major like more than half... More
Answered By: darcy r - 4/29/2007
That is a huge mistake--You have to learn that you cannont live your child's life. Most people want their children to be happy and successful--meaning their meaning of happiness and success--NOT YOURS! I would rather my child to be a happy, successful computer programmer instead of a mediocre, unhappy physician-- It is... More
Answered By: Joi J - 4/29/2007
leet him be what he wants to be. its his life not yours.
Answered By: dancingducky123 - 4/29/2007
if hes good at being a computer programer, he will probably be sucessful in life doing that
Answered By: a random 13 year old girl - 4/29/2007
back off! let him do what he wants to do. imaginge if your parents tried to make you loose your dream job. if he is good at it let him do it, he will be able to support himself and be happy. what's wrong with that and why are you trying to interfere is my question
Answered By: Beautifulbrunette123 - 4/29/2007
You do realise that computer programmers earn a very good salary, maybe not as good as doctors do, however its still a very good income. My mum wanted me to be a computer programmer however I said no as I despise maths, and being a computer programmer, it is necessary to be good in math and enjoy it, which I wouldn’t... More
Answered By: Lisa L - 4/29/2007
I completly agree with everyone, it is his life, let him decide. I also think you should stop worrying. Most kids change what they want to be at least 5 times in school before they go away to college. I personally wanted to be a nurse up until my summer before senior year, then I did an internship at a college and... More
Answered By: ayla_2114 - 4/29/2007
My son is just finishing his degree in computer programing. I know he will be successful and happy. My son is an intern at a local Internet service company and is making $17.00 and hour and it is his first real job. Not what doctors make, but definitely a livable wage. Be happy your son has a goal, but show him... More
Answered By: fourtsomething - 4/29/2007
if that's what he enjoys and he makes great games then let him. he'll probably be just as successful and much happier. if that's what he's dead set on doing it will be pretty hard to change his mind anyway
Answered By: xangel123x - 4/29/2007
Computer programmers are extremely successful! Just look at Bill Gates................. This is your son's life choice - NOT yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be proud of him no matter which career path he takes!!!!!!!!
Answered By: Linda D - 4/29/2007
let him do what he wants to do!! its not YOUR LIFE ITS HIS!!!
Answered By: karen - 4/29/2007
Just let him do what he wants. It's up to him what he wants to do for a living, not you.
Answered By: Toxicity² - 4/29/2007
If he's good at what's he enjoys--let go! Let him be what HE wants to be! Maybe he isn't a serious people person and/or doesn't like to deal with health. Let him find his own way so he'll be happy his whole life.
Answered By: Liz - 4/29/2007
I feel bad for your son! Let him do whatever he wants to do and leave him alone!
Answered By: lostsoul - 4/29/2007
He can certainly be successful in life being a computer programmer. For one thing, if he enjoys it and is willing to work within a suitable corporate culture, he can do very well pay-wise, and he will get a lot of recognition for his work. By accumulating experience, he will always be employable - which is no small... More
Answered By: kathyw - 4/29/2007
let him do what he wants and stop trying to control his life.
Answered By: LL - 4/29/2007
Computer programmers are successful. However be sure to tell him that he can lose his job in 30 years and that he will need to keep going to college to update his experiences and that most computer programmers lose their jobs to younger men and women out of college.
Answered By: ayisha b - 4/29/2007
think he will be a better programmer... More
Answered By: Informerdude - 4/29/2007
What planet are you living on? Computers are the future! Almost everything has a computer attached to it... More
Answered By: mntnck - 4/29/2007
sounds like you are trying to live your life thru him. Why weren't you the doctor ? ? Computer programers are in big demand. Let your child be happy with what he does best ! Grow up !
Answered By: I XLR-8 - 4/29/2007
stop telling your son what to be, let him be whatever makes him happy. Besides doctors make less than software engineers on some cases or what you refer to as computer programmers. The richest man in the world is a computer programmer... now quit being an obnoxious bit** to your son and let him be whatever he wants.
Answered By: R2_ - 4/29/2007
When it comes down to it, it is your son's choice as to what he wants to do with his life. As long as he's not harming himself or anyone else or doing anything illegal your best option would be to encourage him. My brother is a computer programmer and has been in the field for 20+ years. He loves it and that's all... More
Answered By: gottaspider - 4/30/2007
hey hes your kid if you want to ruin his life forever and make him totally dispise you then force him do be a doc, I f you want him to love you then let him be a comp programer. and yea you are tryin to be in his way, don't make your kids become something that you wanted to be but didn't make it... More
Answered By: newbie ice hockey fan & TV serie - 4/30/2007
tell him to take up medicine and then when he becomes a really rich successful doctor , he can take up computer programming as a second course .....
Answered By: person - 4/30/2007
How can your 15 year old son keep you from micromanaging his life? If you truly want him to be successful, he will be most successful doing something that he is gifted in and enjoys. It sounds like your trying to live out your shortcomings through your son. Back off and give him the support he needs to pursue HIS... More
Answered By: l00k_up - 5/1/2007
let him do what he wants to do! god dont try and force him into a career if i was him (no offence) i would move out. its his life not yours!! AH you make me angry
Answered By: *ellie * - 5/2/2007
Dad, let him live HIS life, not yours! He's brilliant, don't mess with it. You can even maybe take some credit for that. It's a lot easier to fix computers than it is to fix people. And more profitable. And provides a normal life with the chance at some happiness. I work with doctors all day, and they are some of the... More
Answered By: nursemom - 5/2/2007
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