What are your views about your jobs in 2009?

The survey by TNS and Gallup International says that about 70% Singaporeans feel that their jobs are secure. But if they do get retrenched, only 17% believe that they can find a new job quickly. Do you agree with the survey results? What do you think will happen in 2009? Will it get better or worse?

Asked By: Y! Singapore Editors - 1/12/2009
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Answered By: Silver Lining - 1/13/2009
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Economic indicators are showing that it will get worse. Business are nonetheless for profit organization, I guess it is inevitable when business cycle fluctuates up and down too quickly. When the economy contracts, it creates a situation where the elderly has to compete with the fresh grads for jobs. The conflict here... More
Answered By: ELVIN N - 1/12/2009
This is expected to be one of the worst recession in history and is expected to be long lasting. All the "positive" news by the Singapore media are unrealistic, which I feel are just to brush up public sentiments and confidence. The public should not be given a false sense of security. Many people worldwide, including... More
Answered By: Foreign Talent - 1/13/2009
Most companies are controling their expenses and many company restricting travel too. Some Singapore Based American company even collect tax from their employee for their time spent oversea to offset clients' tax. The BUBBLE had burst and recovering will take a little longer to be felt. I expect to see somethings... More
Answered By: Bionix - 1/13/2009
Things will get worse before it can get better. I am not confident of my job security in these highly volatile and increasingly dismal employment situation worldwide and particularly in Singapore. It will take a long time before one can find another job if retrenched.
Answered By: AC - 1/13/2009
as i think it getting worse. till now i got no job since 16/12/08 after retrenched.
Answered By: myabdulrahim - 1/13/2009
I personally believe this does not reflect the correct sentiment on the ground in singapore. This piece of news is basically written to boost the morale and confidence level of many singaporeans. The future is bleak. My ex-company which is an american company is down-sizing its operations in singapore and retrenching... More
Answered By: Richard Neo - 1/13/2009
I Felt that all the employers are not willing to employ non - experienced workers,they should try their best to hire them instead of leaving them behind.
Answered By: michael chua - 1/13/2009
Banks should relax & give out more personal loan to those retrenched and repayment to start 6 months after been employed again.
Answered By: realtysg - 1/13/2009
It all depends on the age and capability of the person. Well, I believe anyone can get a job if they are not fussy about the job specification and its pay. Nowadays there is no guarantee in anything. Everything is a gamble. Life is a gamble too. I cant guarantee that I will remain in my job forever. Anything... More
Answered By: Phoenix - 1/13/2009
There would still be job openings for 2009. In fact, Singaporean and Singaporean PRs would always be a priority... More
Answered By: mooh.meeh - 1/13/2009
I think year 2009 world economics will get better. Singapore always is the great country and sure Singapore will survive in this finance crisis. If i'm get retrenched sure i will founded one new job even i'm Malaysian. Don't worry, tomorrow always is better...
Answered By: WindWalker - 1/13/2009
I think most of us agree that the reports are to calm people down. Of course there's rich people & Poor people. And also people like me = Not rich not poor, just nice. Can survive but no savings. salary all spent monthly... More
Answered By: Eddou - 1/13/2009
Economy should worsen by mid 2009. To make things worse, there are more and more China people working here. Seriously, why can't they just go back to where they belong? Their jobs can be taken up by students on school holidays or even housewives. China is so much bigger. They should just go back to their country and... More
Answered By: sHeRyLiCiOuS - 1/13/2009
Nowadays it is difficult for me to get a job. Most employers wants experience workers. It has been 6 months plus but still looking for a job.
Answered By: Cool1982 - 1/13/2009
Probably worst now that alot of companies are freezing their headcounts. Who would really want to hire when the economy is bad? The worst is that with the high living standards in Singapore, how can we sustain ourselves when we are jobless. Loan made for housing, increased in transportation cost etc... Just hope that... More
Answered By: yvteng - 1/13/2009
After reading so many comments written in this forum, there is indeed some serious consequences affecting SG work market for 2009 and beyond. I believe in some of the valid points written by other readers and i would like to share some of my view regarding this issue... More
Answered By: kittlim - 1/13/2009
They are using the Maths theory of Mean, Mode and Median as taught in the Secondary School to fool the common people in believing them, furthermore it is just a survey and answer they get might not be that accurate. 70% out of the air? there is no mention... More
Answered By: myhorsalwayswins - 1/13/2009
it's definitely going to be a tough yr ahead... with so many companies freezing headcount, pay-cut, unpaid leave etc... but it's still better than retrenchment... More
Answered By: scarlet - 1/13/2009
We are already in Recession! Its a matter whether you noticed it, feel it or not. This will drag till at least 2nd - 3rd quarter. No-body's job is secured. What's worst is we Singaporeans are not just competing among us but also with foreigners! What security? Even the uncle at coffee shop can loose his job competing... More
Answered By: Lim - 1/13/2009
Current market, no one would like to take the risk of changing of jobs even right after they have gotten their year-end bonus. No job is going to be secured, which they used to be:- the government sector eg Army, HDB or Banks. Guess what, DBS is the first bank in Singapore kick off with the retrench trends... More
Answered By: Meike - 1/13/2009
The 70% Singaporean ought to rethink if they really feel their jobs are really iron rice bowl. In this new world economy, technology move too fast and world economy is so fragile, risk is high ...who can really anticipate this financial crisis beforehand that wipe out so many established and cracked our rice... More
Answered By: retrenchfolk - 1/13/2009
quite fair.2009 will be the worst of this century.
Answered By: pander8 - 1/13/2009
It will get worse
Answered By: Albert C - 1/13/2009
many singaporean are jobless not because of the Economic it because of china people everywhere now all china we singaporean no job i have been jobless for 1 years now because of china 2009 it will get worse more china are waiting to get a job in singapore we singaporean must get china people out singapore now or we... More
Answered By: peter - 1/13/2009
The concern will be those professional in late 40 age up in getting job. Although govenment claim to creating more jobs, and encourage mid-career change. A friend ( early 50) of mine applied for teacher post, he was been asked how many years more can you teach ? Of course, he was rejected. It seem like "mid-career... More
Answered By: PAP - 1/13/2009
Really very worse in 2009. may be economy will be come better on 2010.
Answered By: JEYARAMAN S - 1/13/2009
To a layman, ours basically a trading economy. Our main trading counterparts: United States, Europe Union, can be unannounced bankrupts. That means those who feel their jobs are secure could be kidding, or really ignorant about it... More
Answered By: solvent - 1/13/2009
I may believe that the abled people able to find job - quickly 'beat' disabled in finding job faster... More
Answered By: Upset - 1/13/2009
My colleagues and me are relatively secure because our company deals in agricultural related products which is more protected from the effects of the current market fluctuations. Afterall, people still need to eat. However, the company's guideline is to be prudent in 2009 and we have started seeing a slowdown in... More
Answered By: chindori - 1/13/2009
It's time for the Government to make decision. Enforce protection for all singaporean workers being retrench. Enforce those being retrench to be re-employ again by the company with entry level salary. Government have to look after singaporean. If enconomy does not recover fast, jobless rate will be up. Crime rate will... More
Answered By: John L - 1/13/2009
For sure un-employment in 2009 will rise. No doubts on this. Imagine what will happen to the foreign workers (Step children in Singapore offices).In fact you can see for your self how frustrations have already come to the boiling point…in context with the recent event where a man tried to burn a Singapore minister... More
Answered By: jamal - 1/13/2009
I don't agree with that as I feel job security is not there especially if your working in investment banking industry as I am. The method the retrenchment is done in many banks are very sudden with no prior warning.( I saw that in my place of work) In terms of getting a job if you get retrenched I agree to a certain... More
Answered By: jbalas_10 - 1/13/2009
I guess the results of the survey are being overly optimistic about the future in 2009. Every company has been cutting cost and axing of staff. Needless to say, those are mostly from the Banking and Finance industry which is usually the case. When economy is booming, people from that sector earns big bucks of money... More
Answered By: funky88 - 1/13/2009
Never having gone through a really tough recessionary period in recent times, younger Singaporeans are generally naive about how tough things can become. While we should not be too negative, and will always hope for the best, we should nevertheless be prepared. This should include managing costs and expenses, keeping... More
Answered By: tengliat k - 1/13/2009
Bad news continues to up to light, in a piece-meal fashion. This is exactly like it was when bad news appeared. They come out in the open in drips and drabs... More
Answered By: dragonflybloo - 1/13/2009
those who have jobs will say they are secure at the moment. Look at my friend who has been jobless since last year Oct 2008 and still owe me $700 so what do u think of the survey results in this case? If my friend is able to find a job in 2009, that means things are getting better....if my friend still can't find a job... More
Answered By: common people - 1/13/2009
Personally, I do not think that there is a thing like iron rice bowl already. And which Y or X generation would contentedly stay on, on a single job. Very often the motivation comes in terms of money, recognition and/or moving up the corporate ladder... More
Answered By: SAE0203 - 1/13/2009
What a load of rubbish! The survey results must have been rigged! Hello.... look at what's happening around the globe. How many people were being interviewed, their age group etc. 2009 will definitely be worse.... well, keep up with the false pretenses if it makes people happier. After all, there's no news but bad news... More
Answered By: ds - 1/13/2009
yes, I agree jobs are secure. you can find jobs quickly if you are not fussy. In 2009, there are still work to be done, there are choices and with the government promoting training and retraining. Jobs will be there for the right people. Be creative, be diligent, there is always work for you.
Answered By: Bee - 1/13/2009
The situation will be worse in the year 2009. It'll be hard to find quality jobs if you're dumped by your existing company.
Answered By: Dileep - 1/13/2009
In banking, definitely it will be worse.
Answered By: geremy c - 1/13/2009
to me, 2009 will definite a tough year but not for all. Certain industry is still able to sustain or better... More
Answered By: loang l - 1/13/2009
I think will be Worse .i got Retrenched from Singapore Listed on last november Company but still i haven't Get any job . Every where and lot company retrenched .
Answered By: kanthan - 1/13/2009
Reality check , we are now facing ..the beginning of a global financial crisis and probably be a major ongoing financial crisis. Which will lead to employers refining recovery measures to stay afloat in the global market. There is always a gentle reminder from above to prepare & compose ourselves for the hard times... More
Answered By: mza - 1/13/2009
The result will very much depend on who are the people that they have surveyed... More
Answered By: Mel - 1/13/2009
Whether jobs are secured is one issue but i notice a trend in Singapore lately. Hiring of chinese nationals is becoming a trend in Singapore. Is it because of cheap labour? I am not sure but if this continues then i believe more Singaporeans will be out of job as i see most of the chinese nationals working at... More
Answered By: Jessica P - 1/13/2009
Now really so badly, Nov till now I dun get a job. I cannot take it staying at home doing nothing. Could anyone help?? Hope everything going smoothly soon
Answered By: cherry - 1/13/2009
These are all cover up done by media & gov. Never believe this kind of of bullshit! I've been jobless since last year Sept until now, still not found any job since. Is not that I am picky on job since mine industry is at stake! Which I have no choice but to switch industry. Furthermore, thru' job agent, they even... More
Answered By: marius_rm - 1/13/2009
No. Race to the Bottom. Dunno
Answered By: nova1491 - 1/13/2009
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